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League of Legends players are used to a certain amount of grief. With every patch, there is invariably a crying out of "Rito Pls" from players who feel like the patch has ruined their favorite champs or buffed champs who were already too strong to start with.
Most of the time, these complaints are people who are a little butthurt over seeing their faves get knocked down (Irelia players, for instance) or players who want to see other characters get much-needed reworks (like Yorick players, if there are any.)
However, with the last patch, the Juggernaut patch, thing were shaken up, as champs that got reworks (Garen, Mordekaiser, Darius, Gangplank, Skarner) were all of a sudden hugely powerful for really no reason at all.
It reshaped the landscape of the game, giving powerful new abilities to some of these champs and totally reworking others. It ostensibly aimed to take the focus off of bot lane AD carries, but it just rearranged where potential AD power was coming from - now it's in the top lane.
These are the most banned champs leading up to patch 5.17, at least for the NA servers. As you can see, the champions who were just reworked the most are getting most of the bans. These stats are already a little outdated, but they stil lserve the function of showing that Riot has really no idea what "balance" means. They rework champions in such a way as to make them ridiculously over-powerful.
Now, in 5.17, Riot has applied a couple of nerfs to Skarner (nerfed his passive), Garen (reducing his standing move speed and his Q move speed), and to Gangplank (takes more time to drop multiple barrels now). So maybe these guys won't have so much presence in the bans list. Doubtful, though.
What they also did this patch was make Darius (who was already super strong after the hotfix in patch 5.16) somehow more broken-good. Now his W, which was already changed to a 90% slow in the Juggernaut patch, gets a full mana refund and half a cooldown refund when he kills a unit. So now he'll be farming basically like Annie in this current patch.
Like Annie.
Now, I'm a Darius main. I have been basically since he dropped in May of 2012. I've played a lot of Darius. Not always in a good way. I'm not really all that good at LoL, but I have fun, and Darius is easy to have fun with. Probably even more so now.
But that's the problem. Darius is not a champ that's ever seen much professional play, really. In fact, up until 9/4/15 (where he was played in an LPL regional qualifying match by EDG) Darius hadn't seen competitive play since 2013.
Now, though, Darius is a contender in competitive play. This just shows how messed up this patch is for the game. Riot always says they try not to enforce any particular kind of meta. Well, that must be the case, because with buffs and nerfs like these, they are shifting paradigms for play massively.
Worlds will be played on patch 5.18, so this means that Riot has time to fix up some of the things that have made this patch so ridiculous. Hopefully they will, because otherwise we'll see a bunch of weird bans.
(Though let's all be happy for Nocturne, who is potentially a viable champ again. Woo!)
I guess I can't really say that I like or dislike it as I haven't touched league for about 6 days or so. I guess I never really get bothered by the patches as a support main because my goal is just to protect my team (at least that's my mentality). As a result the only things I pay attention to are support buffs (which other than the change in kit for Soraka, and the Annie nerfs a while back, hasn't really been severely altered). Plus...I'm a Nami main (which isn't all that common). It will be interesting to see it in worlds though.
@candyland1986 then my sentiments are much the same as I've said. but I think a patch like this changes a lot of the dynamics of the game.
hmm I'm like@PikaPixie I mostly do support...I have ash but i haven't used her in a yr I think?
@PikaPixie that makes sense, but I think even as a support main your role gets affected because of where the power is being placed now, like with Morde being a bot lane carry type now after the rework. still, though I see your point in that not a whole lot changes for you. @candyland1986 what roles do you main? I just think this patch has placed wierd priorities on power balancing.
I think I'm good off this patch...doesn't seem like my players are affected...but I did have some issues w previous patches tho..
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