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Since I cant sleep like always I would like to share my night time playlist with you guys♡♥
ive probably listened to all these songs an unhealthy amount of times but hey they are great
dont bother asking how many times ive listened to Taos lets sing kids performance, i honestly lost count after the billionth time haha I just love that performance
this is literally me right now scrolling through bias pictures and listening to music. what are you guys doing?
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'Le me listening to what is love' Me: I LOST MY MIND! Mom: SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP BEFORE I SUSPEND YOU FROM ANYTHING THAT IS RELATED TO KOREA FOR A MONTH 'Le me starts whispering the lyrics so mom won't hear' *THIS IS A TRUE STORY 😂
@malibella hahaha this would be my mom thats why I always whisper the lyrics so I dont wake her up but there is no hold in back when everyone is awake lol idk what it is about that song but I feel the only way to enjoy is , is to do a solo performance
@marilovexoxo Ikr! When everyone is awake , I will be walking around the house singing at the top of my lungs the songs that are in my Kpop playlist 😂 My mom just embraces my solo performances in the morning and just shut me out
@malibella same here my mom and sister have no choice everyday I put blast my playlist and begin my performance hahaha literally same routine everyday good thing is from forcing them to listen to it my mom loves bigbang and my sister says she doesn't like kpop but I always catch her singing along
@kpopandkimchi I have to do that with Baby Don't Cry! Like it's a must! But also with Dope, Wet, EOEO, and yeah with what is love as well. Lol