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Tattoos are quickly becoming an accepted form of personal expression. Hollywood stars of all kinds are adapting to tattoo culture and setting the standard for ultra-fashionable and wonderfully personal body art. These celebs definitely know how to strike the balance between red-carpet glam and subtle edge.
If you didn't want a tattoo before, you will now.

Miley Cyrus / Love Yer Brain

This is a cute place to get a tattoo, and the phrase is totally Miley: wacky and inspirational.

Hilary Duff / Ride or Die Ghostie

What a cute, little ghost! And a great idea for a friendship tattoo as well.

Lucy Hale / Pretty Ribbon

This is such an adorable tattoo, also easy to cover up. Totally cute and girly, perfect for the Pretty Little Liars star.

Carrie Underwood / Tiny Cross

This is adorable, and demonstrates Carrie's faith. Perfect place too. I love tattoos on the wrists and hands, subtle but stand-out too.

Kate Moss / Little Star

I love this tiny star on Kate Moss. Cute idea for a spur-of-the-moment tat.

Demi Lovato / Roman Numerals

This is probably a really personal tattoo for Demi, the roman numerals are a classic.

Kristin Stewart / Hand Tattoo Collage

There are a lot of little tattoos on Kristin's hand, and they're super cute from far away. It almost creates a little collage.

Cara Delevinge / Little Lion

This almost looks like a ring! Awesome artwork with the white ink too. Totally fashion forward.

Lea Michelle / Little Music Notes

Perfect for the Glee star, this tiny tat utilizes blue ink for a less-harsh feel.

Scarlett Johansson / Faux Bracelet

I love jewelry, but I'm always losing it. With this little tat, your bracelet would always be with you. How cool is that?
What tattoos do you like? Get some inspiration?
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@TessStevens another great place for a small tattoo is behind the ear! That is where I got my first tattoo waaaay back when I was 16. It's a great location, too, since it doesn't hurt, it is easy to take care of, and you can easily hide it with longer hair.
@DaniVO that is a great idea!!! I shouldn't get more tattoos but hey! You only live once right!?
@amonbigbang that is a really mature way to look at it. I got mine when I was on my own and they meant a lot more, because I was doing it for myself you know?
@TessStevens yeah...I have five haha! They can be addicting. Other than the treble clef behind my ear, they have all been my own artwork and every tattoo has a lot of meaning behind it.
@DaniVO That is amazing id love to see a card on them! My libertine tattoo and my little star have a lot of meaning too. I wrote the Libertine text myself, because the band uses it as a brand for yourself it's pretty awesome. Music means a lot to me too