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In an interview with CNN, Sarah Palin spoke with a reporter about her feelings on immigrants. And let’s just say she wasn't the most politically correct with her response...
"I think we can send a message and say, ‘You want to be in America? A. You better be here legally or you’re out of here. B. When you’re here, let’s speak American.”

My first reaction...



It should be noted that she was speaking plain “English" to the reporter...or is that her version of American speak?

And... if she was speaking American, as a proud Alaskan, was she also speaking Alaskan? A state that contains several indigenous languages? Shouldn’t she know all the languages of her land?
So to all of you Australians, Canadians, and other "so-called" English speakers. Before your next visit to the U.S. perhaps you should take a few language courses in “American.” Gotcha'
Meanwhile, Donald Trump (everyone’s fav!) has said he would consider Palin for a post in his administration if he was elected as the President. Let’s hope she can learn how to speak Washington D.C. before this new stage in her career.

(End Rant)

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@nicolejb, yeah, I know. The thing is, it's such a complex state. Half of the state is wild and free and needs protecting. The other half is struggling hardcore with drugs, alcohol, recession and insane levels of poverty... But then again, that's half of of our country, isn't it? Hell, I live in a part of L.A. County where coyotes, mountain lions, and even a (small) bear has just strolled on to my property line every now and then. I have had to fire that gun before. (I'm from Alabama. This isn't new. Lol.) If her opponent ran on a harsh stance of "no guns", well, we know how she won... Smh.
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@ButterflyBlu that's what I heard as well. A friend of mine was living in Alaska at the time and it seems like a lot of people in the state actually knew she was... ugh. Not their favorite person. But that issue was extremely important to them. @nicolejb @InPlainSight @TessStevens I don't think any of them thought she would be working on the national scale.
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@shannonl5 that doesn't explain how she rose to a point of being a vice-presidential candidate....just crazy
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Nothing about Palin makes sense except the sensational need for people to laugh at someone. It's garbage. And she is just playing into the media's hand as a total wacko. @InPlainSight I totally agree. But again, I don't have all the information and everything.
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Wow, interesting point @ButterflyBlu. And I agree @InPlainSight and @shannonl5, how she reached a national level is beyond me. But it’s good we are recognizing how crazy it is now.
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