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What are Vingle Starlights into?!

Since there's been a bunch of us doing the VIXX 30 Day Challenge over the VIXX Community, I thought it'd be fun to kind of summarize what I've learned about everyone. Sorry if this is super creepy but I'm really happy to have made all these new VIXX loving friends so I just want to share with everyone!!!!

We all got into VIXX different ways....

Some of us have awesome friends that showed us the LIGHT like @NatMarie @KhrystinaLee @sugajin94 @kpopandkimchi @B1A4BTS5ever and @netchtiBates.
Others of us (@AimeeH @DianaBell @Miss148 @CheyenneJessee @StephanieDuong @ocherrylimeadeo) owe the Youtube Gods our gratitude for having the right suggestion at the right moment!
Some of us got here from Eat Your Kimchi like @lamrotamrot, from Teen Top like @AgentLeo, or from BTOB like @XergaB20!
Then there's the random folks like me, @edwinb94 and @baileykayleen who just kind of wound up here, or those like @KpopGaby who were attracted to VIXX's darkness (lol!!!) and to their awesomeness in On and On like @MeeshellBuchan!

We also all have some different biases...

We've got our Hakyeon fans, @kpopandkimchi @NatMarie @ocherrylimeadeo
and our ever-growing population of Leo fans @StephanieDuong @byeolbit @AgentLeo @KhrystinaLee @CheyenneJessee
Don't forget those who think our lovely rapper RAVI is the greatest! @XergaB20 @MeeshellBuchan @edwinb94 @Miss148 @netchtiBates
The Ken fans don't want to be forgotten, either! @AimeeH @DianaBell @KpopGaby
Nor does our only known Hyuk bias (I know there's more of you!!) @sugjin94
But we can all appreciate that everyone is AMAZING. Some of us like @lamrotamrot, @B1A4BTS5ever and @baileykayleen can't choose just one bias, so we have more than one!

And we also alllllll have secret biases...

You might have noticed that no one up there was a Hongbin bias, but don't think that means we don't love him, because he's MOST of our secret bias! He's my secret bias, along with @lamrotamrot @sugajin94 @Miss148.
We've got loads of people with secret Rav-eh feels: @AgentLeo @CheyenneJessee @KhrystinaLee @ocherrylimeadeo
Those Taekwoon lovers: @XergaB20 @KpopGaby @netchtiBates
And someone who wants our maknae Hyuk to get some extra love, too! @AimeeH
Don't forget about Ken @baileykayleen @B1A4BTS5ever
Or, those of us who just can't choose (Ravi/Ken: @NatMarie, Leo/Hb/Hyuk: @edwinb94,
Everybody: @StephanieDuong)
Oh, and the biggest secret bias of all from @kpopandkimchi....N-mi!!

But, we still love them all, because they're all THE BEST kind of people!!

If you need more reasons to fall in love with VIXX, just read these cards:
If you're still not a Starlight after finding out alllllll the amazing things about these boys, well.....I don't know what's wrong with you!

And we have all different kinds of CRAZY VIXX concepts that we love!!!

Hyde/Jekyll: @baileykayleen
And then we have our voice of reason @NatMarie reminding us that EVERY CONCEPT IS THE BEST CONCEPT!


Come to the Dark Side. Join Us.

Join in the 30 Day VIXX Challenge with us all!

Even if you're starting late, you can make the other cards, or just start on whatever day we are on when you see this, or just start form the beginning and do your own 30 days!! Either way, it'll be a fun time getting to know all ya'll :)
Hahahaha!! Yaaas Starlights Wooo~
@byeolbit you should tots do this every seven days just to sum stuff up!
Ahh I love this card. It's great to know other starlights out there. I feel like I'm the only one who is hyuk bias lol the others are probably too shy to come Out haha. Thanks for tagging me in this!!
This was great! St☆rlights unite! behind x.x @netchtiBates i too love hyde x.x
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