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I remember back in the 90s, every girl I know desire sleek, straight hair. I guess we all grew up and want a little bit of texture. Curls and waves is the new effortless hairstyle most ladies want. There are many choices of tools to create your favorite texture, but with so many option, which one is for you? It really comes down to what you like and your skill level.
Here is the breakdown two popular heating tool for curls:

Curling Wands:

Best for beginners because you can freeform and wrap it around the barrel. No matter how you hold, the result will be fairly consistent. The types of curls you will get with a curling wand is soft and natural.

Curling Iron:

Best for professionals or people that know what you're doing. Since there is a clip, you have to be cautious about not creating a dent. The types of curls you will get with a curling iron is define ringlets.
Both heating tools can burn the hair. The probability is higher for the curling iron, simply because of the clasp. It's all about speed!
I didn't know about the curling wand! I've always used the curling iron coz that was the only thing available on the market. God knows how many times I've burned myself with that thing....
@Animaniafreak Switch to the curling wand. You'll love it and the annoying clasp won't cling on to your hair.