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Thank you to @loftonc16 for starting this challenge, and @danidee and @buddyesd for bringing it to my attention... I'm sure there are a lot of other really good ones out there too!! Here's my go at the meme challenge, where you google your name plus the word meme and post the results. Let's play!
And just when I forgot that my name means "there" in Spanish...
At this point, after a lot of scrolling, they're pretty much all in Spanish, so I switched to my full name (Allison). Now we're talking!
...tbh, I probably do.
Mwahahaha. Look out people, I'm dangerous! B)
Fitting, since I love Archer, and also tend to ignore the people who anger me. Also, the ants joke is one of my favorites in the entire series.
And finally, there's my personal favorite...
Because what is happening here.
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love... aahhh... love... love love love!!
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The pink unicorn is priceless
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Lol this is amazing. Thanks for doing the challenge!
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this is so precious. I love the unicorn-bro.
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