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..but you don't want your efforts to be completely wasted on something that people won't recognize, right? I totally get that!
While I really hate people who cosplay popular characters just to get attention, I really understand wanting your first cosplay to be something that people will recognize so that you have a chance to be proud of it!
One of the best parts of the cosplay world is connecting with people who love the characters you do, so there's not shame in wanting to make more of these connections.

When choosing your first cosplay, I recommend:

Step 1: Making a list of characters you love
Step 2: Crossing off those that would be TOO EXPENSIVE to buy or TOO HARD to make for a first cosplay
Step 3: Showing the list (with pictures!) to a friend who has different taste in anime/video games than you. Cross of anything that they don't immediately recognize
Step 4: From what's left, choose your favorite!
Step 5: Get to it!

If you follow that method,

You're more likely to meet people who will recognize your cosplay, and you won't have too hard of a time making it! If you cosplay something really obscure for your first cosplay, sure, some people will recognize it, but you might not feel as great about what you've created.
For example, I cosplayed Bad Girl from the video game No More Heroes (see above!), and while it's not super obscure, I definitely didn't get stopped very much at all. It was my first time at this particular convention, and I was bummed because I had worked really hard putting it together! It wasn't my first cosplay, though, so I wasn't totally discouraged and I did meet a few really cool people!
Ultimately, you should cosplay whatever you want to cosplay, but if you're just getting started, I recommend picking a character that isn't too obscure so that you can feel what it's like to be in a cosplay that is loved by everyone at the con. Trust me, you'll be hooked on cosplaying and that way of making cosplay friends in no time!!
I want my first cosplay to be Mikasa Ackerman!
I don't know yet on what character I should be
I've never done cosplay. I really want to try to do it by next year, when I go to the anime expo. Any suggestions for a beginner?
I never cosplay before but I want to
I'm cosplaying as luffy for Halloween. It will be my first time doing any cosplay and I'm kind of nervous lol
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