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So @ninachan just introduced me to Offroad. I figured that I should spread the love and show you what I found out. Don't look @KpopGaby! Close your eyes now if you don't want to fall in love!
Bing bing bingle bingle bang bang bang~
Bebop bebop bebopy!
G.I (leader & oldest) Son Seul Gi (손슬기) Jan.18, 1990
Sihwan Park Sang Min (박상민) June 24, 1993
SeungHyun Baek Seung Hyun (백승훈) July 08, 1992
Rio Jeong Dong Su (정동수) May 15, 1991
Kino (maknae) Kim Nam Hyun (김남형) June 24, 1993
@Marilovexoxo I think they found the Fountain of Youth and I really wish they would share! I still haven't picked a fav. Three way tie right now with G.I, Sihwan, and Kino.😬
@AimeeH and @Marilovexoxo On my way!! 💆💆💆
@VixenViVi Same! They are my two favs too!! 😉 @saraortiz2002 I already dedicated most of the night to them and hardly got any sleep. Lol!😴 @KellyOConnor and @MattK95 I wish I knew about them before!😍 @kpopis4life Ikr! -Adds to long list of favs- 😄
@Exoexo you're not crazy at all! HOW SWEET I GET A MINI LEE JUNG SUK! Night=made! @Marilovexoxo right like I don't want to sound like a creeper but I just want to pet his face I'm so amazed right now.. That jawline is definitely not from this planet
@Marilovexoxo Ikr! Bing bing bingle bingle bang bang bang!!!
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