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When photographer Tim Dodd acquired a high-altitude space suit (which weighs an insane 24lbs), he started making some unique series of photos that depicted him getting to space in his own special way. And thus, the Everyday Astronaut was born.
After traveling the world, he just released another series of photos that pull together some really cool ideas depicting space travel for the everyday astronaut.

That's one small stepladder for man.

"I shot this for the 46th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing."

"I've got an idea."


"I'm still getting the hang of this"

"I printed off 12 24"x36" windows and taped them to the ground. I used a quadcopter for the aerial shot."

"Waiting for the stars to align"

"A 40 minute exposure of the north star. I aligned the north star with my temporary mannequin (some light stands and tripods)."

Great Wall of China

"Come April, 2015, I had finished my no photoshop series and had a lot of travel planned for various work projects. I decided it would be silly to visit 7 countries with out the space suit. So I packed it along with me (all 24 pounds of it) and drug it along wherever I went."

"Bygstad, Norway"

These are just a few of the 43 images he put together for his second and third series of these photos, you really should check them all out on imgur!!
@JPBenedetto @LizArnone I wanna ask him if I can borrow his suit for a few days!!
I love this!!! How creative and funny !!
This is quite innovative! Love it :)
space is infinite.....and by wearing a spacesuit on earth one could reach for the stars and go beyond to achieve great things since there is a plethora of opportunities everywhere!!!
this is absolutely amazing!!!! i love it!