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Annie Hall is one of the best romantic comedies to exist in the history of cinema. Woody Allen's acting and directing is near-perfect throughout the whole film and little tidbits about life and love and relationships come through in very subtle ways. He breaks the fourth wall and speaks directly to the audience as if he's sitting next to them. By doing this, Allen really drives certain points home for the audience, he makes us pay attention and listen. And since his writing is spectacular, we do, we listen to every word.
The final scene in Annie Hall is a perfect example for this (if you haven't seen it, what are you doing? Go watch this movie and what is wrong with you?). The clip above, Allen says a lot but the ending of the scene is what's important.
Both Allen and his character are comedians so he relates relationships to an old joke he heard. In a couple of seconds he dissects relationships, they're irrational, absurd, but "we need the eggs". Even though it's a somewhat funny way to look at relationships as a whole, isn't it true?
I, for one, have been through the metaphorical ringer when it comes to relationships. I've been hurt more times than I can count and I've hurt others even more times than that. But why do I keep going back? There's something a part of all of us that makes us believe we'll still find our one person, or to continue with Allen's metaphor: we need the eggs.
And the best part about this little snippet from Annie Hall is that Allen doesn't force an opinion down your throat. He doesn't say whether or not thinking this way is crazy or if thinking this way is a great thing. He lets the words sit in our minds; he lets us make our own decision about the way relationships work and what they mean.
Can I just say this & Manhattan are two of my favorite Woody Allen films. Bravo for this!
@jordanhamilton totally, I love them both. when I'm feeling sick or something I definitely watch Annie Hall in bed.
Great choice! Think I may indulge & watch it sometime this week :)