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It's National Waffle Week! Why that's an actual holiday, I don't know, but it got me curious about the craziest ways out there to consume our favorite square-holed breakfast food. Here's what I found!
Prepare to experience sudden, uncontrollable drooling.

1. Cinnamon Sugar Churro Waffles

Yes, you eat these dipped in chocolate sauce. (Recipe)

2. Fruit Loop Waffles with Milk Glaze

Cereal-flavored waffles? That's two breakfasts in one! (Recipe)

3. Brownie Batter Waffles with Strawberry Syrup

These look to-die-for delectable. I would maybe trade naming rights on my first child for a bite of these right now. (Recipe)

4. Savory Cheesy Herb Waffles

And now, for something completely different. Like cheesy herb biscuits, only better because it's a waffle! (Recipe)

5. Chicken & Waffles Cupcake with Maple Frosting

I look at a lot of food porn on the internet, guys. But I can honestly say that this is the FIRST TIME I've ever seen anyone put chicken on a cupcake. (Recipe)

6. Bacon Waffles with Peanut Butter Honey Glaze

Who dreamed up this combination? And can I hug them? Or bow down to them??? (Recipe)

7. Waffled Soft Pretzels

Soft pretzels are good, but waffled soft pretzels are even better. (Recipe)

8. Taco Bell's Waffle Taco

One of the more appealing fast food chain innovations I've seen of late. Would you try one? (Source)

9. Waffle Breakfast Nachos

Another waffle-and-Latino-food crossover. What I want to know is, are the waffles sweet or savory? I feel like sweet wouldn't taste great here... You guys will have to make some and let me know. (Recipe)

10. Pulled Pork Cornbread Waffles

NOW YOU'RE TALKING. This is a sweet-and-savory combination I can get behind. (Recipe)

11. Chicken and Red Velvet Waffles

Finally, the mother of all crazy waffle creations and maybe the one I want to eat most, chicken and waffles, red velvet edition. Too awesome for words. (Recipe)

Which waffle creation do you most want to try?

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@allischaaff Hahaha, it's alright, we can each have our own ^^
I KNOWWW OMG @vanemunos I'm with you. I'd say we could split one...but.... I want my own! Muahaha!
Drooling already but I know I would pay with a small amount of indigestion lol
I'd want to try the cupcake!!!
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