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EXO's Kyungsoo

It's Okay, It's Love: Han Kang-woo (basically an emotional fanboy)
I Remember You: Young Jun-young (a psychopath!)

C.N. Blue's Yonghwa

You're Beautiful: Kang Shin-woo (member of the boyband ANJELL)
Heartstrings: Lee Shin (musician/college student)

Seo In Guk

Love Rain: Kim Chang-mo/Kim Jeon-seol (a friend and confidant)
Reply 1997: Yoon Yoon-jae (main male lead! a high school student then a judge)
Master's Sun: Kang Woo (ex-soldier turned businessman)
The King's Face: Prince Gwanghae (...a prince lol)
I Remember You: Lee Hyun (a detective/author)


Dream High: Kim Pil-suk (a student who makes major body changes!)
Pretty Man: Kim Bo-tong (girl who has an insane crush on the lead)
The Producers: Cindy (celebrity that is known as an 'ice queen')

Infinite's Hoya

Reply 1997: Joon-Hee (leading man's best friend and an awesome dancer lol)

B1A4's Baro

Reply 1994: Binggeure (one of the kids at the guesthouse, a typical troubled youth)

A Pink's Eunji

Reply 1997: Shi-won (The female lead and fangirl extraordinaire)

Miss A's Suzy

Dream High: Go Hye-mi (student and lead of the drama!)
Big: Jang Ma-ri (Lead role with Yoo Gong!)
Gu Family Book: Dam Yeo-wool (Lead role with Seunggi!)

Infinite's L

Shut Up Flower Boy Band: Lee Hyunsoo (member of the boy band)
Master's Sun: Young Joo Joongwon (the CEO before he became a CEO)
My Lovely Girl: Shi Woo (member of boyband)

SNSD's Yoona

You Are My Destiny: Jang Sae-byuk (lead role!)
Cinderella Man: Seo Yoo-jin (leading role!)
Love Rain: Kim Yoon-hee/Jung Ha-na (leading romantic role)
Prime Minister and I: Nam Da-jung (leading role!)

SHINee's Minho

To the Beautiful You: Kang Tae-joon (the Korean version of Hana Kimi!!!)

Who did I miss? Who is your favorite?

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Seo In Guk then D.O both amaze me
You missed MinHyuk....he was awesome in Heirs and Heartstrings....and he's been in a couple more that I haven't seen.
Also missing from the list is HongKi from FT Island. He was amazing as Jeremy in You're Beautiful, very funny in Modern Farmer, and showed a serious side in Bride of the Century. He's been a lot more shows too. B1A4 Jin Young....he was so sweet in Warm and Cozy....and funny in Miss Granny (he's been in more also). Choi Siwon from Super Junior is so good in his current drama She Was Pretty...and he's been in quite a few dramas. Finally, Kim Hyun-Joong from SS501.....Playful Kiss, Boys Over Flowers, etc... He was my first bias.
@JaxomB u r so right Kim Hyun Joong, have u seen his "fighting generation"?, I swear d guy's so flexible as an actor, he shed d flower boy image and morphed into a fighter.
my baby D.O