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Thank you to @RosePark for creating such an entertaining challenge! I'm glad I thought of a response before Thursday.
The anime character that annoys me the most is: Commander Amarao from FLCL!
He's supposed to be annoying... at least, I think he is?

Honestly, I'm never quite sure what's going on in FLCL at all.

Which is 10000% of its charm of course.

Commander Amarao claims to know it all.

But he's sort of deluded. He wears eyebrows made of seaweed, and he's not very good at... whatever it is he's trying to accomplish. And as you can see from the video he doesn't have great aim!

He's the kind of character I love to not love.

If only because like the rest of the show, he's so absurdly weird! I would never want to spend any time near him though. I'd be staring at his eyebrows too much.
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I can't stop watching the eyebrow gif...XD
@poojas it is very captivating... XD
was on bus when seeing his eyebrows fall off busted up laughing. got lasers shot at my back haha.
@CloeySuess lol sorry hahaha honestly I've seen it so many times and it gets me every time XD
it was great. I have never laughed that hard in pobli. It was so worth it.