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Hey Vingle gamers! Here's another influx of Quick Questioning to give the community a better sense of who you are as a gamer!
So far we've covered origin stories, favorite games, and favorite characters! No, let's mix things up a little bit. Today, the question is:

What is your least favorite/most hated game?

Remember, there are no wrong answers! And everyone is entitled to their opinions, so if someone doesn't like a game that you really like, remember that!
Above is an image of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, popularly considered for a long time to be the worst game of all time.
This is the game I hate the most. It's a game my mom bought for me and my little brother when we were kids for Christmas cause my brother won an Xbox in a raffle. It's not that I didn't appreciate the sentiment. I was incredibly grateful. But still.
I'm pretty sure my mom just went into a game store (knowing nothing about games) and asked what two young boys might like. The clerk probably meant well by recommending this, but all the same, screw that guy. This game sucked.
Still, thanks Mom. It means a lot that you got us the games you did. You didn't know, but you tried.
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@lavonyork I hate campers, so much. Also lol I had a similar 'getting stuck' experience in Skyrim. still love it though. @daniVO oh man, you have far more patience than I do. I would've just dropped enough weight to put me back under the maximum. jeez, I couldn't walk that slow for hours.
@VinMcCarthy I'm so sorry!! I just didn't like it! it wasn't my cup of tea... That's why I waved the white truce flag. .. I will see my self out XD just don't slam the door on me too bad..
i hate starcraft....everyone in my country plays except for me
I usually dislike any first person shooter however, halo and borderlands soften me up lol. Skyrim gets extra point because you can switch from first to third. (still that game angers me lol)