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Day 3: Who is your secret bias? (I actually started this card on day 3 but got side-tracked by an idea for something I am writing then I hung out with some friends then I fell asleep and ate a hamburger AND I'M SORRYYYYYYYYYYYY)
It's Ken. Like srsly c'mon.
2nd gif. I want to be a fan noona. *life goals*
Day 4: What do you like about each member? Ah geez. Lot's of things! But I will try to keep it simple and mention only one for each. It will be hard but I WILL TRY :D
N: His genuine-ness. It's hard being the leader but he does it with happiness and genuine care for his and his members' career and personal well being. MOMMA N! <3!
Hongbin: When he laughs/is happy. My heart gets all fluttery and toasty whenever I see this little one giggling kekeke :D
Hyuk: This mischievous bean! His sassy-ness is to be admired :3
Leo: Ahh Leo. Devastatingly shy Leo. I love it.
Ken: His sense of giving no eff's whatsoever and always being the silliest, goofiest, amusing, and hilarious dood ever. SO FUN I LOVE IT.

Ravi: Only one thing. Can I really pick only one thing??? HNNNNG his talent as a producer and songwriter. I admire his dedication to his craft in composing musically and lyrically. Dem raps. SO TALENTED I FEEL WRONG ONLY WRITING ONE THINGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Day 5: What is your favorite era? I have no power against this. NONE WHATSOEVER.
Day 6: Post 10 pics/gifs of all 6 members!
I'm sorry I was so late and I hope me doing all of these together is okay. I am sorry once more if it is not because I have obviously done it regardless of it being okay or not. :(
All photos and gifs belong to their owners forever. <3
I Love that you used the Tio photo hahaha they all look so funny posing with a product XD THE ETERNITY WAVE!! good choice of "no favorite era" hahaha
@byeolbit that photo had me dying hahahahahaha I haaaaaad to use ittttt πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†