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It's a fashionable blanket you can wear.

No, I'm not talking about the snuggle. I'm talking about the poncho. The trend that has resurfaced and is taking over this season. What most don't know is that the poncho has been around for years. Before it became a piece of clothing meant to shield you from rain, the Native American's were wearing ponchos as a fashion statement. I guess it's safe to say that they paved the way, the runway that is.
This season we are taking ponchos to new heights. No longer will you see the unflattering ponchos that you wouldn't dare be seen in. Ponchos are now extremely stylish and wearable coming in a number of patterns that will make you feel fabulous. If you're new to this trend, but would love a bit of fashionable insight -- keep scrolling to gain some poncho inspiration

Draped ponchos with pockets are versatile and easy to wear. Save it for a rainy day -- or chilly.

Hooded ponchos give you that extra coverage and edge. Dress it up or down.

A plaid poncho with fringe is the ultimate poncho to invest in. Classic and Stylish.

Ladies, what poncho style are you loving the most for the fall?

I agree! They're extremely versatile @PurpleChick
love how they could just add style to any outfit :)
yes! I'm so excited for the trend. I never had one as a child, but I plan on having a couple this fall :) @Offical0RiaChan
I used to have this pink poncho as a child that I absolutely adored! I'm glad the trend is resurfacing!