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Why, thank you, Mr. President. I thought so, too.
Not really... >.>
Wassup? Next up, not one, but two Goslings. I'll take it. I don't know why he's telling me to get back to work... It's 3 in the morning! But yes sir, whatever you say, sir.
This is not a new response to those who know me Very well. Lol. ;)
Nope, I haven't been getting "Stacey's Mom" jokes since middle school. /end sarcasm (If you get it, we can hang! *high five*) And I had to include one more...
Mind = BLOWN! I'll never tell.... ;) If you haven't done the meme challenge yet, do it. I'm too tired to remember who to tag right now. :P (Look up your name and the word meme and show us what you get.)
Love it!! I died at the stacey's mom one XD
Yes! See, @danidee! Same level. Lol
Bahahaah Stacey's Mom. I used to LOVE Fountains of Wayne. The band was named after a place I used to visit often when I was a little girl in New Jersey.
Yesssss. High five.