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National Grandparents Day Is Coming Up – Mark Your Calendars!
Just wanted to put a little PSA out there that National Grandparents Day is rapidly approaching! I don't know if it's a holiday you've ever celebrated before, but it could be the perfect time to remind your grandparents just how much you love them.

Mark your calendars for this Sunday, September 13!

To celebrate the cherished advice, warm hugs, and secret family recipes grandparents bring into our lives, this week I'll be doing a special series called Wisdom of Your Elders! It'll teach you the way we used to do things back in the good ol' days, sonny! ;D So keep an eye out in the Love & Relationship community, or follow my collection to see more.
Let's brainstorm ways to make our grandparents feel special! :D
Sept birthday. mark your calendars! hahaa
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@marshalledgar Oh I will! ;D Hahaha
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@marshalledgar Oh I will! ;D Hahaha
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