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Hi guys! I'm new to vingle, and I saw it on Facebook so I thought I'd check it out! My mom always used to talk about how high waisted shorts were in style when she was a kid. I'm pleased to see that they appear to be in style once again. What do you guys think? Do you like high waisted shorts/pants? Disclaimer: I don't own any of the photos on this card.
Definitely!!! I noticed the high waisted pants and short trend a lot this summer & I def think the flared pants will be huge this fall. If only I wear taller, I would def love to pull of the flared pants @marshalledgar
Hi @allischaaff ! The shorts with the anchors are from a store called Unique Vintage.
hey there @Official10RiaChan you're right, these are in fashion. And we have Taylor Swift to thank. She's been rocking this statement for a few years and with great success. I've also noticed that flared pant legs are coming back. Anyone else notice this? @jordanhamilton @TessStevens (and others)
YayYyy!!!! Welcome to Vingle (the best place on earth hahaa). I am definitely a fan of high waisted shorts and pants.They work well with crop tops too.
I love high waisted skirts the most~ makes your legs look so long!~
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