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I got a notification from the V app for this and since I was already up I watched it, thinking it was another fun video of BTS being silly. When the white Big Hit intro played I knew something was up... so after sitting through twelve minutes of what was supposedly a prologue to the I NEED U MV....
WHAT??????????? I don't need this. Anyway here's the link to the video: http://tvcast.naver.com/v/519492 so you can cry/die/scream along with me ^_^
ALSO TRIGGER WARNING FOR BLOOD in the beginning, so I would skip to around the 1:20 mark if it affects you ^_^ (SPOILER!!!! If you skip this part, I'm fairly sure it's set right after V stabs his father (?) in the I NEED U MV, so it's just him sitting and crying trying to get the blood off his hands before he calls the rest of the members.)
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