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Appliance Rehab: A Repaint DIY

As soon as I saw my Tiffany Blue color on this mixer, I was IN LOVE! Can you blame me? This is one of the coolest diy projects to update your kitchen, by simply updating your counter appliances! I found this on Apartment Therapy, online.

Supplies Needed:

All purpose cleaner
Good quality spray paint or epoxy spray paint
Enamel gloss protective spray
Painters tape
Sanding block
Plastic bags/plastic wrap


1. Take as many pictures of your appliance as you think necessary to remember to put the machine back together.
2. Clean the hell out of the machine. This means bits of dried cookie dough, grease, all of it!
3. Start to disassemble your machine. You can easily remove the end cover and the bowl clamping plate, and in most cases the silver strap around the top of the machine (there is a small screw near the lower left side of the motor).
4. Take the back plate off and cover whatever you think needs to be covered, with painter's tape. Don't forget to cover the cord, which you can use tape and a trash bag.
5. After you've covered all areas that you do not wish to be painted, start working over your mixer with a sanding block (I used 120). The objective is to sand off the "gloss" โ€”you don't want to see metal.
6. After sanding your machine, wipe it down with your all purpose spray. Don't leave any sanding dust behind or the paint won't adhere correctly.
7. Give your machine several light coats of paint, letting each coat dry completely each time. Don't hold the spray can too close to the machine or it could cause the paint to run, which would look really unprofessional.
8. After the paint has dried completely, coat it several times with your protective finish. Follow the instructions on the can, letting each coat have adequate drying time.
9. Let your machine cure for 3-5 days before using it. I tested a few inconspicuous areas by trying to chip away at the paint and while I wasn't able to chip the paint, my fingernail (when pressed really hard) was able to leave an indentation. This was my signal to continue to let the mixer cure for another day or two.
After that, you've got a revitalized piece of equipment that completely enhances the look of your kitchen without doing an entire $10,000 renovation! For more great ideas, click here.
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