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With the life of Spring and Summer in my rear view mirror, I find myself drawn to plants and such that I can hang indoors. Can you tell that I'm trying to hang on to those two seasons with a tight grip? <3 If you're like me then this project is totally for you! And it's very easy!

Supplies Needed:

3 metal bowls (found these a Target)
-metal drill bits
-1/8" quick links (9)
-brass plated chain
-screw hook (3)
-gold spray paint
-needle nose pliers
Use your metal drill bit to drill 3 evenly spaced holes about 1/2" from the top of your metal bowl rims (mark the spots with a marker to know where to drill). I found it easiest to place a piece of scrap wood under the bowl and then drill from the inside of the bowl down to the wood piece beneath it. I used a 1/4" bit so I could fit my 1/8" quick link through the hole later.
Take your 9 quick links and 3 screw hooks and give them a quick coat of gold spray paint so they match the bowl and chain. Once they are dry, unscrew each quick link to the open position and put them through the holes in your metal bowls.
You don't need chain cutters to shorten the chain length to size—just pliers! Use your needle nose pilers to open the links enough to separate the chain where you would like it to be cut, and keep the links bent open at the top and bottom of each chain section so you can attach it to the planter. I separated three sets of chain that were 38", 28", and 20" to create the different lengths.
Use the pliers to attach the bottom of each chain section to a quick link, and then before you connect them at the top, plant your plants in each bowl. Depending on the type of plant you choose, you may want to add some rocks at the bottom for drainage, but I find that a lot of plants do OK without the rocks.
Once your plants are in, attach all three of the chain tops to a single screw hook. Screw your hook into the ceiling to secure the plant. You may want to pre-drill a small hole to make this part easier, and you may also want to use an anchor in the ceiling if the weight of the planter calls for it.
What are your thoughts on this cute and easy diy hanging planter idea, using hammered gold bowls? I love gold. In fact, if you love gold diy projects too, check this out here.