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Candle season is definitely upon us. I was just at Target recently and noticed all of these cute candle trays and accessories! I was in heaven. But the prices were just outside of what I was willing to spend. Then I thought, I have sooooo many clay diy projects, why not just make a votive holder out of clay?!!?! And then I found this tutorial on A Beautiful Mess, online!

Supplies Needed:

-oven bake clay
-non-stick mat and non-stick rolling pin
-clay knives or X-Acto knife
-round object or circle cookie cutter
This votive is made up of two pieces—a round bottom and a rectangular shape that is wrapped around the circle bottom to create the cylindrical sides. Find a circular object (or round cookie cutter) that you want to be the size of the bottom of your votive (a can or jar would work well). Measure the circumference of the circle to determine how long your rectangle will need to be (so if your circle is 8" around the edge, your rectangle will need to be 8" wide). I made two votives that were both 8" around, but different heights for a staggered look (so one rectangle was 8x3" and the other was 8x4.5").
Using a non-stick mat and rolling pin, roll out your clay so that your rectangle is about 1/4" thick and slightly bigger than your rectangle measurements. To keep your thickness consistent, you can place two flat objects of an even height on either side of your clay as you roll it out. A stack of equal numbered playing cards is good for this, but I like to use two clear rulers that are about 1/4" thick.
Use straws to punch holes into your clay. You can do as many or as few as you like, but just keep in mind that if you have more holes than clay, you may have a tough time getting it to stand up later.
Once your holes are punched, measure out your final rectangle dimensions and use a clay or X-Acto knife to cut the rectangle. You can cut the rectangle before punching the holes if you want your hole placement to be more exact, but it does stretch the clay a bit as you press into it. So your rectangle may be a bit warped if you punch the holes second.
Roll out more clay the same thickness and use your circle cookie cutter or trace around your round object to make your votive bottom.
Wrap your rectangle around the clay circle until the sides meet together. Gently press the two edges together where they meet all the way up the side, and lightly smooth the clay in one direction over the meeting line until the seam disappears. A gentle and soft touch goes a long way on this step, so take your time and don't rush it.
Bake the clay according to the instructions on the package and allow the clay to cool completely. Add a tea light to the bottom of the votive, and you're ready to see your new project twinkle!