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Much Respect To Jake Read The Story Below
86-YEAR-OLD JAKE REISSIG HAS THE SAME DAILY ROUTINE: Every morning he goes to mass, meets one of his 9 children for coffee, then he goes back home, walks to his rose garden and clips off a single rose. He brings the rose to a cemetery to visit the plot of his wife of 65 years, Elizabeth.  This summer, with Texas facing a severe drought, Jake took a hose and watered the lawn around her stone twice a day. One day, as he was watering the grass, he noticed a young woman kneeling down and crying. He found out her brother had been an staff sergeant in the U.S. Air Force; she lost him in 2010. So Reissig added another task to his daily to-do list: water the gravesite of the fallen soldier, Joseph Villasenor. The next time Villasenor's family members visited his grave they couldn't believe their eyes or that a stranger would do that for him. But Reissig says he's not a stranger. He talks to "Joe" every day while he waters the grass. What a story! The world needs more people like Jake.
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I’ve been ALL over Germany @smnthcarter773 and then bases in the U.S. I bet the netherlands was REALLY cool.
2 years ago·Reply
one thing I miss is the countries and culture.
2 years ago·Reply
Me too @smnthcarter773! Living in Germany was awesome too because I got to travel all around Europe and explore other places.
2 years ago·Reply
Wow @crazyflames12 I love this!! Thanks for sharing this uplifting story :) what an amazing man
2 years ago·Reply
that's beautifully nice of him
2 years ago·Reply