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ARE YOU READY LOL this finals combines all the games I made into the end so lets see what happens
#1 Friendship is always the best
#3 I guess you are the one (for right now)
#3 sorry it didn't work out like you wanted (If you was married in any of the others games I'm sorry)
#4 congratulations I hope the other baby will be happy that you're having more babies lol
#5 aww married and have a child hope your happy :-) :-)
IT IS OVER NO MORE GAMES. I'm so sad love making these games lol. but I hope your happy with your life and if not well sorry. please remember this is only a game.Lol so LETS PLAY BOYFRIEND WITH EXO LET'S PLAY HOUSE WITH BIG BANG LET'S PLAY DATING WITH SHINEE
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Babies with Lay, not a bad outcome.
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@jgallegos222 I hoped you like the game and I'm happy that we made you there will be no more games but I will continue to make you laugh.
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Suho and I got married and had a baby!
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having babies with Xuimin
2 years ago·Reply
Suho and I are having babies
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