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The world of social media has taken over the world.

A couple decades ago a woman wouldn't have to worry about whose picture her man was liking because the online world was non-existent. Unfortunately, ever since technology [social media to be specific] has taken over, relationships have been ruined one by one. It's crazy to think that something as simple as a like or an unread response can end a good thing [or lack there of], but that's life as we know it these days.
When it comes to social media or technology in general, men can sometimes be blind sided to certain things [don't get me wrong, women can as well] -- their behavior being one of them. As women, we can sometime overreact [I'll be the first to admit it], but that doesn't mean that men should get an all access pass to act however they please in the world of social media -- no matter how petty it may be. Ladies, if you're in a relationship or if you've ever dealt with a man, than you're more than likely all too familiar with the typical things guys do on social media that we can't stand.

Tweeting when he has yet to reply to your text message.

It's called common courtesy, but obviously it's not that obvious -- either that or he didn't see your text.

Not acknowledging the picture she posted of you two.

So everybody's going to like the picture, but you. Okay, say no more.

Retweeting tweets that don't pertain to you.

Wait. What? Um sir, if you're in a relationship why are you retweeting tweets about being a single man.

Liking another woman's pictures back to back on Instagram.

Call it insecure, but nobodies pictures need that much love. Especially when you couldn't even like your own girlfriends picture.

When you say you're going to [insert random name] house for drinks, but post a picture of you guys at the club.

It's not the fact that you went to the club, that's perfectly fine -- it's the fact that you went to the club and never mentioned that you had left [insert random name] house.
Disclaimer: if this is not your long term boyfriend, none of these should apply to you or make you cringe. But for the ladies who have been down this road before, you know just how annoying each and every one of these can be.
But at the end of the day, men will be men and you can't help but love them.