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What some have called "a more legit Craigslist" is rapidly becoming a reliable source of income and labor in big cities. TaskRabbit (@TaskRabbit), a trendsetter in the newfangled sharing economy, offers any U.S. citizen with a smartphone the chance to get in on the action.
I started tasking as a way to make ends meet. Teaching in the Bronx through a major volunteering platform wasn't very lucrative, so I started scrubbing toilets. It more than doubled my income. (Hold on, how did you get this gig and where do I sign up?)

Below, find a step-by-step walkthrough of the application process.

1:: Click "Become a Tasker".

Go to, scroll to the bottom. It's in the "Discover" column.

2:: Click "Start Application".

Lost yet? ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )

3:: Connect to a Facebook or LinkedIn account.


4:: Set your availability.

Days are divided into Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. Toggle your availability. You will not be required to work these hours! This is to get a sense of your general availability and can be changed any time.

5:: Determine your work area.

Draw your map by clicking the pen symbol at the upper left of the map and tracing your boundaries. This map can be edited any time you'd like.

6:: Upload Your Photo.

Use a personable photo. Clients are hiring complete strangers based on a picture and short bio. Choose a photo that makes you look friendly and energetic.
Check out this profile photo experiment by Jason Seiden for more about how your profile photo works for (or against) your business.

7:: Complete your bio.

Be concise and convincing. That means showing a little personal flavor while proving your work ethic. You will write a "Quick Pitch" for each skill you add to your profile, so this is the time to introduce yourself and establish report.

8:: Do you have a vehicle?

This includes bicycle! Having a vehicle (especially a car) opens you to special opportunities and you'll be able to charge higher rates.

9:: Set your Rates & Skills.

You control your business (mostly). TaskRabbit lists average rates for every skill so use those to guide your business. Charge higher rates if you have professional expertise or industry tools. Charge lower if you're a beginner.
*TaskRabbit charges a 30% service fee for first-time Clients and 15% for return Clients. Make sure you gain repeat customers. Model excellent customer service skills and build your personal brand!
A comprehensive list of skills you can list on your profile.
If you need to edit your application after submitting, visit If you have questions, comments, or curiosities, comment below and I'll be right with you!
You can read more about my time spent tasking at
Oh wow this is really cool
Yeah, this seems pretty awesome. (Sorry I'm blowing up your notifications today @nashtronaut haha) @nicolejb I'm interested in the inside scoop as well. I'll have to check out your blog!! I should totally suggest this to my roommate as a kind of part time job...
@nicolejb it's all about perspective. Most of my clients are super busy and just need a helping hand. My effort is always appreciated and it feels good to make another's life easier, you know?
@allischaaff I should specify. By "freelance" I meant my lifestyle itself. I'm a tasker, a breaking instructor, a marketing intern... I'm all over the place, ugh. Unfortunately I do not make money as a freelance writer (yet?). Do you find work freelancing? Check out if you haven't already. Their e-magazine, "The Freelancer", is a free subscription!
@nashtronaut You mentioned you were a freelancer, is this how you find most of your work?
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