《N - His Wink》 N is like a happy camper by winking. In so many VIXX TV episodes, he winks. ------------- 《Hyuk - His Cuteness》 This boy has got to be one of the most cutest mankaes ever. -------- 《Ravi - His Hair》 His hair is like a work of art. -------- 《Ken - His Aegyo》 When I think about aegyo, I think of Ken. --------- 《Hongbin - His Dimples》 He is like a gift basket of love and happiness. ------- 《Leo - His Stare》 This is the main reason he is my bias.
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Woah I didn't know there was another VIXX 30 day challenge hahahaha I made another one!! The questions are really similar though XD I love the reasons you love them all....so cute! This is the one i made if you're curious: https://www.vingle.net/posts/1025355-VIXX-COMMUNITY-%0ALet-s-do-this-challenge-together