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Hey there! I'm Caitlyn and I'm new to Vingle. This is my third semester learning Japanese at my university. I really hope I can go to Japan someday. I hope I can give useful tips on the language as well as learn new thimgs myself! よろしくおねがいします。Nice to meet you, please take care of me. :3
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@poojas lol! yeah they were at first but anything's possible with practice :3
@CaitlynXD That's the spirit! ^^
Hey! @CaitlynXD! I'm also new and very young but I so wish to learn Japanese! Have any tips? it looks hard but in our minds we just gotta remember it cx
i know japanese it gets easier with time. I definitely suggest you find a live action show you like and watch without subtitles. helps a lot
@animekougyoku @AntoniaArtwork yeah it looks hard at first put you really have to keep practicing and try to use words and phrases in everyday conversations because it you don't you will definitely forget it. If you keep at it it'll be fine. :) and anime/live action shows without subtitles really does help!