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I was tagged by @B1A4BTS5ever in the morning but since I was busy, I couldn't look at the card, but I was SOOO GLAD I WAITED TO SEE IT! I was a crying MESS!!! Big Hit sure knows how to hit the fans in their feels hard~ I cannot wait for their comeback! I really want to see the outcome of it all!


I looked at the comments to the prologue and someone commented this link which explains the video. For those, who are lazy to click on the link, I'll write it down on the bottom of this card so you can read it. I honestly, figured some things myself, but the rest blew my mind and sent chills down my spine!
(credits to owner of translation)


I personally like this screenshot.
I’m going with my guts to interpret this teaser. It could be wrong. Higher chance of it being wrong.
1. It’s an extension to the I Need You MV. V comes out with bloody hands, leaving the remains of his murder in the music video.
2. I think this is the biggest feature - the ones who have lines, who we can actually hear their voice are the members who are still alive and those who are dead can’t speak. A dead person can’t speak. J-hope, Jimin, Suga are dead. Jin, Taehyung, Rapmon, and Jungkook are alive. There are changes to number 2 at the bottom
3. In I Need You MV, J-Hope overdoses on pills, Jimin drowns and Suga bursts into flames
4. Sometime in the middle, Jin asks to go on a trip/vacation. No one says a word but just nods. Since they are dead (can’t speak).
5. Taehyung says hyung i miss you and just like that picture, he commits sucide.
6. Rapmon writes “We must survive” on the mirror. I’ll explain more of this later.
7. I think Jin recording the boys represents Jin looking back at their memories. He’s not recording it now but he’s just looking into it. Outro: Love is not over plays. In this song, there’s a part where time is turning back (for those of you who don’t know, there is a part where time turns backwards toward the end of the song as you hear Kook mumbling things; that is actually the chorus sung backwards.)
8. Jin is living in his memories. He thinks that they are alive in his head. That’s why Jin’s face turns bleak when he looks at the picture that Rapmon took of Yoongi and him. He’s back to reality.
9. Jin’s car is starting to get full of water. This too can be seen as suicide.
10. When Rapmon wrote that “we must survive,” it seems to be rational thinking, to be able to distinguish between reality and memories. If he were to live in the memories and get swept by them, the end would be death.
+ extra
11. In the lyrics to [Butterfly], [I still can’t believe it everything seems like a dream. Don’t disappear/go away]
Taehyung becomes a butterfly and flies away. It seems that this is what Jin wants to say to V.
Jin probably knew from the very beginning that they are all dead people. And of course he doesn’t want to accept that. He tries hard to deny it by reliving his memories. He wants to stop time. But at the end, he looks at the picture and is awakened to reality.
12. (changes to number 2). When the members find Taehyung, Jungkook says “Oh it’s Jin hyung.” It seems to be the afterworld (time after death). At the very beginning of the clip, Taehyung says “Hyung i miss you.” We can’t tell who he’s referring to but V seems to commit suicide. Afterwords, V enters the afterworld and Jin seems to be following after.
13. In I Need You, Jimin drowned. When Jimin’s shivering in the back of the truck, J-Hope covers him with a blanket. Yoongi died in the fire. Jungkook blows out the lighter. J-Hope has narcolepsy. Yoongi wakes him up.
In other words, they are calming down their dead souls, somehow related to comforting each other.
14. This (picture) is from I Need You MV. The shadow is a butterfly (I DIDN’T NOTICE THIS BEFORE BUT IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOWWWW). Like I wrote in #11, the lyrics keeps mentioning butterfly. Taehyung becomes a butterfly and flies away.
15. One of the songs from I Need You track is Taehyung’s composed song Hold Me Tight
16. On Jin’s camera, it says HD but whenever we see through the camera, it’s broken (bad quality). It seems to be related to the ending, where he decides to drown himself.
17. In the east hemisphere, the butterfly is recognized to be a figure that leads people to the world beyond life. In the beginning, Jin keeps recording Taehyung and butterflies.
18. At the end, where the ending credits go up, there’s that song. It’s an OST from the movie Inception. It’s a song used to wake people up from their dreams.
I leave the goosebumps to you.
If you think my speculations are correct, please thumbs up once <3
All of the speculations were done with 가시리님 (gashiri-nim)
After being absent for a long time because of work this is the an awesome way to get back on it!!! BIGHIT WHYY??? Too much feelings !!!! I can't handle it!!! I just love is!!! And V .... V!!! OMG 😁😁😍😍😍
Oh wow... well there goes what little bit of happiness I retained from this lol
@KellyOConnor I hate it how they can just play with our feelings like this and they act like nothing.
This just confirmed what I was thinking but it doesn't make me feel any better. 😭 I'm still crying. Why must they do this to us?!
ugggggggh. I'm crying. This is why I don't watch Teasers at night. Ahhhhh I cant keep the pterodactyl sounds to myself....
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