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I ship Ailee with EVERYONE. It used to be that my favorite Ailee ship was TaeyangxAilee/Tailee (it still kind of is) but since he's dating I can't really ship it anymore. Normally I don't ship idols with someone of the opposite gender, but Ailee looks good with everyone so I can't help but to ship her. Here's some (yes, only some) of the ships involving Ailee.
In order: Neil, Ryeowook, Exo (all the members that have ever fanboyed over her), Peniel, SuJu (especially siwon), Yongguk (have you seen the way that he looks at her in the videos of Ailee X bap?), Jackson (I don't ship them, but they look good together), Jr, Eric Nam
In order: Roh Ji Hoon (don't lie, if you've ever seen this video on YouTube you probably clicked on it to see if they kissed), Jay Park, Dongwoo, Kikwang, Sungyeol. I actually ship Ailee with most of infinite...
@VixenViVi haha that's my problem though. there's just so many possible Ailee ships that I can't pick a main one 😂
Ship it all XD
@JustinaNguyen So don't pick just jump ship to ship ㅋㅋㅋ