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It may be Monday, and a national holiday, but that isn't going to stop me from sharing you some MONDAY MADNESS! In particular, I am showing off these STUNNING sugar flowers, which were created by one of my favorite sweet shops, Jenna Rae Cakes, which you know, is in Canada.
Take a look at this three-tier stunner! This all-white fondant masterpiece is adorned with the most delicate paper-thin sugar roses! Are you impressed? You should be. This isn't your typical buttercream rose that's piped in 20 seconds. (no offense...)
The most perfect shade of pink too, you can almost taste in your mouth the gentle sweetness. In addition, you can almost feel the delicate texture of these beauties too. What do you think? And what about that center tier of white pearls?!?!!? I shared a similar cake with that feature here. You've got to see that cake!
Now, I've said this before, you cannot order this if you are in the US, unless you live on the border and don't mind driving to get it. But to the rest of us, this is what you're going to share with your cake baker...and you're going to insist that they create the same thing!!! Got it?!
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I love this! The fondant pearls on the middle tier are beautiful! I am a pastry chef/cake decorator myself so I know just how much work and time it takes to make such delicate gumpaste petals. They did an awesome job. 😊
I love shaped cakes the most. Anything that isn't shaped like a traditional cake. I prefer to decorate in buttercream rather than fondant though, especially in the summertime and vice versa in the winter. I pratically lived at work. The long hours are no joke especially during the holidays but I love what I do and the best part is seeing the look on the customers face when a design is executed above and beyond expectations. 😊
That's so cool!!! @bluebear07 what's your favorite style of cake to create? I have tremendous respect for cake bakers and cake decorators. I have no idea how you all do the magic that you do, but I do love it and appreciate the art and patience (and chemistry) involved in making dreams come true.