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According to Seven Seasons, the management company of Block B, Park Kyung will be releasing a solo single on September 21, where he will be singing a duet with a female singer. His management agency said, “[Park Kyung's song] will be the next ‘Some.’” Park Kyung’s solo comeback was already hinted at by Park Kyung via his Twitter account, where he said, “I miss my fans. We’ll soon see each other often, so wait for me.” Park Kyung also posted a picture of the music video filming on his Twitter account, saying, “See you soon.” In the picture, he is sitting on a chair alone, staring at the camera.
Excuse me??? Kyung is making a comeback???......... OH MY GOODNESS AAWAAAAHHH
AAAAAWWWAAAHHHHH, *falls to floor* He misses us! I miss you too, Kyung ╥﹏╥
I'll (we'll) wait for you, you big lovable Dork! AAHHH I CANT WAIT ≥﹏≤
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yesss~ my bias with a solo. yess!
I AM SO EXCITED!!! Kyungie with a solooo
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS~~~!!!!! ☆^☆ Wait... what about my baby jaehyo...? T.T Anyway, glad to see more of Block B active.... ^3^ Maybe soon we'll get a group comeback!
@SHINeeIngGirl lol that's why it's his turn xD