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Have you ever laid your eyes on such beautiful flowers that were MADE OF PAPER?! You think I'm being funny, but I'm being serious. These flowers are stunning! What kind of master crafter does one have to be to be able to create such beauties out of paper? Are you a crafter? Is this something you'd like to create for your wedding?
These flowers that you see in these images comes from Paper & Peony, which is a professional paper flower company that specializes in all things floristry that you'd expect from a regular florist, except, these are 100% made of paper! Can you handle this?
I see peonies, roses, dahlias, ranunculus...GORGEOUS!!! Would you consider going faux via paper for your event florals? What about your bouquet? I shared this bouquet a while ago that was made of paper. Click here to see it. For more floral ideas, you definitely need to click here.