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Bobby pins are super useful to keep your style in place, especially if you hate using hair elastics. The purpose of this card is to show you how to tightly secure your style with bobby pins. It's helpful to understand the difference between bobby pins and hairpins.

First Method: Buddy System

Single pins aren't strong enough to secure the style. This is especially true if you have a lot of hair. By adding another pin in opposition direction or criss-cross pattern should double the strength of the stay.
The way how you insert pins matter. Most people insert it perpendicular to the direction the strand is running and lay the pin across the braid or twist. This work temporarily but it will eventually slip off.

Second Method: Push it Against the Grain

Run the pin parallel with the braid and refer to the instruction on the image. This method will help you secure the hold with one pin but you might have to use two pins if your hair is too soft.

Third Method: Use Large Pins

The best way to hold buns and twist is using large hairpins. It just works better that way and hairpins give you the flexibility to move with the style.
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if you put the bobby pin in your hair with the ridges side down it holds your hair better also
if ur Apostolic lady then u have used this trick since u had hair on ur head lol
This was very helpful @hairconfetti, thank you for sharing!