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New to Vingle!!!
Hey I'm new here and have to say it looks like I'm going to have too much fun! Thanks to all those who've said "Welcome new comers". I look forward to learning and spending to much time on here. LOL I'm slowly learning Korean and love kpop! Don't ask which groups because my list is too long. I also love gardening, photography, animals, crafts, cooking, etc; I'm an eclectic person to sum it up. Thanks, Blacksun191
Welcome to Vingle (^_^)ノ
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What kind of animals?! I have a puppy who is the love of my life an I can talk your ear off about him hahahah
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Welcome! What do you like to cook?
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I love baking sweets and making all sorts of comfort foods from many ethnicities.
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@blacksun191 awesome! Do you have a favorite go-to recipe? I usually make banana bread because I know it's always a hit but I'm definitely looking to expand
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