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oh sehun from exo-k
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@Tigerlily84 yea the mirror part was insane and thats so cool lol
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@Marilovexoxo I just watched it. It was the Japan show I saw.
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@Tigerlily84 that show was too much , those are some lucky girls witnessing that live
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@Marilovexoxo yep I accidentally ( it really was an accident ) clicked on one that was a Chanyeol focus. Yeah I had to stop it. I couldn't see his baby face like that. So wrong!
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Sehun... look into your eyes (I get) butter, butterflies. All I can say is, the first time I watched Call Me Baby (essentially the first time I listened to EXO, or any KPop), My eyes were drawn to him immediately. I had to know who he was. He's my first bias 馃槼
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