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This is my response card to the Monday Madness Challenge:
My dream anime crossover would be Totoro + Attack on Titan! Because who doesn't want adorable giant Totoros going around town making people's day? Obviously, I don't want giant Totoros that would attack people. Just ones that will go around napping around town. And kids can climb on them and play lol.
In honor of this challenge response, I'm sharing some fanart I found of this anime crossover!
Awww, is it weird that I find this super adorable? Look at little Mikasa!
That leaf on top of the Titan's head is the best part of this crossover fanart lol.
Hahaha, Totoro is so confused. Why would anyone want to hurt him? All Totoro wants to do is sleep.
I think this is when the crossover starts to get TOO REAL. This is actually scary lol.
Alright, I'm going to stop before I start regretting this crossover. I am imagining a GIANT TOTORO in my dream crossover, not a Titan Totoro LOL.
Can't wait to see all your crossovers!
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@poojas lol against who then? no antagonist? D:
@RosePark My crossover would be a Ghibli-fied Attack on Titan with giant fluffy Totoros XD. No violence.
@poojas lol fine ill give you this one ㄱ.ㄱ~~
@poojas I'm not entirely against the idea of totoro looking like a titan....I know it's weird but I feel like it would make everything alot more interesting lol (imagine that peeking over the wall XD)
Shingeki no Totoro