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The future of the Hulk hasn't been clear... until now.

Ever since Marvel announced that they would be rebooting their universe after the current story arcs are wrapped up, fans have been wondering what the future holds for their favorite characters. We already know that Captain America will be Sam Wilson instead of Steve Rogers, and that Kamala Khan will be Ms. Marvel.
Marvel has finally announced that Totally Awesome Hulk is none other than Amadeus Cho.

Amadeus has a long history with the Hulk.

Like the original Hulk (Bruce Banner), he's a genius with difficulty controlling his emotions. Co-created by Greg Pak almost ten years ago, the character has been a sidekick to both the Hulk and Hercules. "He basically started out as Hulk’s number one fan because he’s a crazy teenager with as little impulse control as the Hulk, so he kind of identified with him." (Via). But there's another reason fans are excited about this new version of the character. It will be the first Marvel series in history to feature a Korean-American lead character, writer, and artist.
"When I had the opportunity to create this new character, I realized there aren’t specifically that many Asian-American characters at this time in the Marvel Universe, and it was sort of a niche. I also wanted to write a character who talks a lot. I was writing a lot of Hulk stuff, I was writing very closed-lip surly characters. But it’s been tremendous. I go to cons and people come up to me dressed as Amadeus Cho, and that blows my mind.”
Totally Awesome Hulk sounds... well, totally awesome!
Is anyone else totally looking forward to reading these comics?
@shannonl5 that's good way to look at it :)
@buddyesd that makes sense! I try to think of these as new friends. You can still keep the old, and it sounds like Bruce is still going to be around (and he's definitely in the MCU for a while yet), and now there's a whole new character to enjoy too! It's an odd way of thinking about it. Maybe it's because whenever a new person takes over writing a character I sort of think of that version of the character as new. Sometimes the character is the same. And sometimes it's wildly different like when Ed Brubaker brought back Bucky. As long as the writing is good and gives respect to what came before I'm usually happy
@shannonl5 it's kinda like this, I'm 43 and for at least that long Spiderman was Peter Parker and the hulk was Bruce Banner, when Spiderman changed it didn't bother me as much cuz I remembered the whole Ben Riley story arc so it wasn't the first time there was a change, I still haven't gotten used to it. And with hulk you just kind of new that's who he was because he isn't putting on a mask. it's like a best friend leaving, you can't just replace them but that doesn't mean I can't adapt :)
@shannonl5 that's true, it just takes some adjustment lol
@buddyesd that makes sense. I felt the same way about batman for a while. I feel like as long as I can go back to what I love, I'm ok. It feels like they're adding, not taking away. I would feel differently I think if it felt like something was being taken away- like it was with the recent fantastic four movie. There were some good ideas but the spirit wasn't there.
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