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In response to the Marvel Challenge by @shannonl5 found here! I have two powers I go for but since she did teleportation, I take


I mean really!!! I could just look at you and know everything!
I want to be a powerful one though like the professor! Stop time and talk in peoples heads!
Make people bring me things! Make my boss think I went to work XD
I could blank you and disappear like a creature in the night! I could make bank in Vegas!
I would also know all the thoughts of those around me, which could be good or bad but I can turn it off too so that's cool!

What do you think?!

o.o I like this power!
Omg this is such a great power to have! Lol "make my boss think I went to work" I wouldn't even bother. I'd just mind control my landlord into letting me live for free XD
Mwuahaha wife says "why did you buy that!! >:( me waving hand like obi wan " I didn't but that, you bought it" wife : "that don't work on me!! you sleeping on the couch!!"
Lol that's true @VixenViVi I guess I'd have to work for someone really mean then. Someone I wouldn't mind collecting a paycheck from lol. I'm glad to know you've thought this out. You can join the criminal masterminds club @buddyesd and @AimeeH have been plotting to create XD
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