Thank you @kpopandkimchi for making this challenge, and thank you @poojas for tagging me. I previously made this card two days ago at night and posted it on Vingle, then I went to sleep, but it didn't upload and I didn't noticed until the next day, unfortunately all the information got erased. So I'm posting this again and this time I'm prepared if anything happens. In my opinion, all of these dramas were amazing, and all of them have something in common, for example: "I Can Hear Your Voice" and "Pinocchio" both have a similar story/plot and the same actor (also same actress, director, and band for their OST). "I Can Hear Your Voice" and "The Girl Who Can See Smells" both had characters that got their powers through a car accident, and both dramas have serial killers going after the leads. "Bride of the Century" and "Oh My Ghostess" both had female ghosts, and both ghosts' sought justice for their deaths/grudge. "Bride of the Century" and "Mask" both had doppelgänger characters. "Mask" and "Fated To Love You" both had characters that were shy and insecure persons but then became confident and outgoing characters, they also had great, caring, loving and protective husbands. "My Love From Another Star" and "Secret Garden" both had a characters that sometimes couldn't control their supernatural powers... These are just SOME similarities. Overall, these dramas may have their similarities, but all of them have their differences as well. For me, all the Kisses in each of these dramas felt different but unique at the same time. That's why these are the best K-drama kisses. Credits to Google Images, Viki, Dramafever, and Wikipedia.
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I love in A Witch's Romance, when they both go to get the foam from the beer can and then she licks his finger. :P