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Have you seen it yet?

Because you really should have seen it by now.
Right, now that you're all up to speed:

What. Is. Going. ON???

Amanda Waller is BACK!

Just when you thought you had all the flashbacks you could possibly need.

Oliver and Thea are fighting!

Why can't we all just get along?

"How long have you been a badass?"

"Since always."

Okay first: True. Second: What on earth are you doing you sweet cinnamon roll?!
Who else is FREAKING OUT this week?! But can't October 7th get here sooner?
also that last gif. I didn't know I needed it until now.
UHM YES. i'M SO HERE FOR FELCITIY THANK YOU. also, Ray is totes not dead. he's just tiny. and confused. but I'm willing to bet that Thea and Oliver are fighting because "you left this city when we needed you most" "you're my little sister and you're putting yourself in danger" "WE ARE AN EMOTIONAL FAMILY UNIT RAWR"