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My relationship history isn't that great. I tend to date people who are bad for me or I start dating people I'm bad to. One of the many mistakes I've made in a previous relationship was deciding to watch the following movies with my partner while we were in a place in our relationship that wasn't, well, how do I put this... When we were both thinking about breaking up with each other but we both still weren't really sure.
With that in mind, if you find yourself in a similar situation. Whatever you do, do not watch these movies with your significant other when your relationship is rocky. It'll just make things worse.
Also, spoiler warning for all them.

Blue Valentine

I have a pretty rough history with this one. It's honestly one my favorite movies that I'll never watch again. It's heartbreaking and it hurts every single time. Every. Single. Time. There's something about watching the beginning and the end of a relationship cross-cut within each other that really eats at you. You'll look at your partner sitting next to you and maybe you'll wonder, "why aren't we like they are in the beginning" and "I think we're more like the end of the relationship". You'll start finding similarities in the on-screen couple but not in the romantic beginnings. Instead you'll see yourself and your partner in the way they ended.

Gone Girl

This movie is great, it really is. But when you're watching it with your significant other and they're constantly whispering to you, "watch out, you better be careful, don't get me mad" while pointing at the screen, you might have a tiny freak-out. That has never happened to me but I've heard stories about that happening. It might make you question the person sitting next to you, like they aren't who they say they are. Or maybe even yourself, you don't even know who you really are. Either way, skip this one if you're having a hard time in your relationship.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This whole movie is about the way you want to forget someone you used to date. Sure, it's artistic and there are some beautiful and romantic moments. But it's a reminder of the futility of relationships. In the end, Joel and Clementine meet again and decide to date even though they know it didn't work out. You get to watch a relationship fall apart and then you get to leave the theater (or the room with the TV) knowing that it's going to fall apart all over again. Where's the happiness in that?

500 Days of Summer

A lot of people really love this movie. I'm included in that group but I have to say that it makes me terribly depressed. The way the trailer is cut together makes you think that maybe they'll get back together in the end. Sorry, they don't. At all. It's way too real of a story. In the end, Summer marries someone else and Tom is left making the same mistakes he always does (in my opinion). And watching a movie that is essentially about a break-up with someone your dating might, well, influence that.

Like Crazy

This one surprised me. I thought it was going to be pleasant romance movie with some funny bits and some sad bits but that wasn't the case. By the end of the movie, I was kind of floored. The trailer doesn't hint at any of this but it's essentially about a couple that has a hard time being a couple because of Felicity Jones' character's visa issues. So, they enter this on and off and on and off sort of relationship that is completely heartbreaking. They do end up together at the end of the film but the last shower scene almost broke everything inside of me. The way they embrace each other with the look of "settling" on their faces will never leave my mind.
I think the funny thing that's almost a true thing about these movies is that we tend to remember all of the romantic parts of them. It's one of those moments where you watch a movie and you're constantly saying to yourself, "I don't remember this happening". And that's almost analogous with the way you feel after a relationship. You don't remember the bad parts, not initially anyway, and you think about hows and whys and they eat at you a little bit. It's important, though, to remember the sadder moments. They're what tie these movies, and us, all together.
I saw Like Crazy in theaters, and we were all crying as we were walking out. I heard one girl say "so I probably shouldn't have watched that when my boyfriend lives in Germany". That shower seen at the end is forever imprinted in my head. I definitely didn't go into it thinking it would be one of the bleak 'realistic' romance movies.
but 500 days of summer is one of the greatest movies of all time!
There is something inside of me, a little voice that is ready to ruin all my happiness both real and imagined. this voice is urging me, desperately, to watch these movies with my girlfriend.
Yeah @baileykayleen I remember the ads for that making it look like it would be a little more lighthearted XD