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as inspired by @loftonc My "pet" name is Reca (from Terreca of course).I found a couple memes with this name on it but most of them are in different languages... plus I think the word "reca" means bear in some other language. I only used two that I think makes any sense...
To be honest my phone is always active. Calls, texts, chats, Vingle, the works!
I've been here... waiting for my girlfriends to pick me up for a party. Sigh... those were the days.
Well, that's all... @buddyesd @danidee @shannonl5 (lazy brain can't remember everyone)
Lol I've totally been that skeleton
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lol yes I hate waiting xD
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@shannonl5 lol...
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Reca is a cute nickname! I want to start calling you Reca lol.
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@danidee thanks. I've seriously thought of officially changing my name to that but I dono. That used to be my name when I was younger, but only a few ppl call me Reca now :(. Now I'm wondering why I didn't use it as my Vingle name
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