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So the first thing I thought about was teleportation, if I only could have one superpower. So I agree with @Shannonl5, about being like Nightcrawler. So I stated what I would want to do with my powers below ⬇️

1) Travel the World

If I had the ability to teleport I would visit my best friends, who live in foreign countries (mainly my BFF). Moreover I would go all over the world without paying for a single plane ticket.
Some places I would travel to would be A) Ireland - It is the most haunted country in the world, basically explains itself. B) South Korea- If your a fellow KPOP fan, you understand. Meeting the idols, concerts, and merchandise without shipping. C) Britian- Harry Potter! I'm going to ride the real Hogwarts Express (yes, it does exist). D) Egypt, and ECT. the list goes on.

2) Sneak into places for free

Honestly when I think of teleporting I think about going to theme parks, concerts (in other countries), and maybe parties (even though I'm not a big party person) for free. I would not be selfish with my powers though. Just like Nightcrawler's ability to travel with his comrades, I would take my friends with 😄.

3) To Escape Places Fast

So I'm only afraid of few things: Spiders, Heights, and Ghosts/Demons (was freaked out looking up pictures). Mainly ghosts because I can't hurt them like a vampire/werewolf. So if for some reason I ever run into a haunted house, or ghost I'm outta there. Or even if I do a crime for some reason.

4) Lastly...

Okay, even though it sounds bad I would probably teleport inside a bank to take money. If I needed it, and not bags at a time. Probably just take $100 now, and get some later. However, in the end I would become a superheroes. Saving the innocent, and helping out the country (ex. war).

So What Did You Guys Think? 😄

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@shannonl5 Awe shucks! thank you! =^~^=
@AimeeH teehee you're welcome ^_^
Lol it sounds like you wrote the second part of the movie Jumper Lmao! Love it