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Nicole’s Meme Game!

It’s true. I’m a total grump in the mornings. @TessStevens can testify to this.
Ok, so you know the rules. You type your name into google and “meme” and pick the first one that shows up. The original card by @loftonc16 for reference HERE. Most of my memes were sort’ve lame. But I found a few that are actually LOL worthy and I’m sharing them here.
Thanks to @poojas and @allischaaff for challenging me!
Apparently I need a Snickers because I talk so least I think that’s what they mean by this one.
I’m challenging my other Vingle friends to this: @smnthcarter773, @zavire24, @HridayAgarwal, @JPBenedetto, @melifluosmelodi

What are your name memes?

@nicolejb Hahaha, even if I was immortal, I would nap all the time because I'm a Totoroooo
Awwww @poojas. you are too kind. But do elven ladies even need sleep? aren’t they like immortal? I feel like you wouldn’t need sleep if you lived forever
@nicolejb Nooooo, you are an elf like Galadriel ^^ A sleepy elven lady XD
Hahaha, that first meme though! XD
Yup, @allischaaff...she has a bit of a problem... (kidding kidding)
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