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The Most Beautiful Moments In Life Pt. 2馃崅
BEACAUSE PART 2 PROLOGUE IS OUT AND I COULDNT CONTAIN MY FEELS. I cried like a mofo. It was just so sad and beautiful and just asdfghjkl ugh I can't even rn. What are yalls thoughts about the story line??馃槶馃槶馃槶
I personally think it's about Jin hallucinating about his friends who are no longer with him. The only person that was left was V but he committed murder therefore he ended up killing himself at the end. Throughout the video it showed the happiest times when they were together but at the end it showed Jin looking back at the picture of him and Suga but Suga wasn't in it like where ya at bruh. THEN IT ALL JUST CAME TOGETHER AND IT HIT ME RIGHT IN THE HEART OMG WHO CAME UP WITH THIS BECAUSE IT IS TRULY BEAUTIFUL.
The lyrics to butterfly are so sad BUT LOOK AT THEM THEY LOOK SO MUTHASUCKIN HAPPY馃槶馃槶馃槶
Ugh I can't wait until October.
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