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Party for one...

Could you imagine attending a bachelor party where no one showed up because their flights were cancelled? Well, that happened to poor guy, Robbie Chernow. This New Yorker was thrilled to celebrate in the Windy City with his friend and groom-to-be, Jake Katz. However, there was a plot twist. The rest of the wedding party coming from NYC was flying Delta and their flight was cancelled causing a few problems.
So when everyone doesn't show up, what do you do? You Instagram every moment.
Chernow didn't let the horrible news ruin his trip so he decided to still take in the sights of the city. He went to a Chicago Bears Game, Wrigley Field, Navy Pier, and The Bean. He enjoyed the famous eatery Portillo's alone while also going out of his way to meet native Chicagoans. Each post was progressively more comical than the first one and it was impossible not to feel bad for the guy.
So far Chernow has gained 14,000 followers on Instagram just this past weekend. He's also been written in every major publication in print and online across the country. He's having his 15 minutes of fame and making every minute of it. You gotta wonder how the groom-to-be feels...embarrassed I'd say.

ChicagoOh....I'm alone.

Will you take my picture? Yeah it's a long story...

Do you think he made the best of his situation?

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It's so true and so sad. traffic is worse in Beverly Hills. I was renting a room there for a week and left. it was infuriating @ButterflyBlu
Oh, @marshalledgar, I know. It's ridiculous. Every time I come into the city I nearly lose my mind until I can get out of the vehicle. I don't know how you handle it every single day. O.O
I live in the San Fernando Valley, though i keep looking at apartments in this tiny area between Hollywood and Sunset...and Laurel Canyon and La Brea. That area is where it's at! @ButterflyBlu
Mad respect for this guy! I would have just gone home and cry in my room.....
having no other bachelor friends to party