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My name is Aimee, but people call me Robin. When I graduate this semester, I will be promoted to BATMAN!!
I'm sort of an eclectic and I love many kinds of music, but blues and rock was my foundation for loving music. B.B King has and always will be one of the best men in my eye's. Back in 2010 When the blues festival was going on; he, Buddy Guy, & Al Green came to OkC. During the concert, Buddy Guy interupted his part of the gig and made an announcement. Unfortunately, 2 girls that were on their way to the concert in the town they toured before OKC, were involved in an accident. Only one of them made it, the other passed away. Every performer at the blues festival auctioned off their autographed guitars to help the family's of the girls. They made that night where every proceed made, went to the family's involved. They were able to raise over 40k for the families to help with the hospital bills and the arrangements for the funeral for the girl that didn't make it. I have always loved B.B.King, but he was one of the most selfless people alive. He was a humble man and a great inspiration. My live for him grew so much more.
I love Video Games and Comic Books. Ive been playing video games since I was little, and loved comics since I was little.
I have a shadow that steals my bed, pillow, and covers; as well as my heart.
I enjoy watching Anime, Death Note is still my favorite one!


I love Kpop & JRock. Kim Joon & Gackt are literally 2 of my most favorite people. J-Rock: MOST FAVORITE ARE Gazette & Diaura I have a lot of groups I love, it'd take forever to list them all, but hopefully you've seen my cards floating around that tells.
I'm a huge meme hoard, over 3000 pics and counting... I love Corgi dogs!! So yes, this is a little about me! @shannonl5 @VinMcCarthy @danidee @poojas. @buddyesd Thank you @DanRodriguez for the tag. @Taijiotter @najalong1998 I do not own the majority of these pictures.
this is awesome! I also love corgis and memes. probably too much, really... But I guess I'll have to do one soon, because now you and @danrodriguez have tagged me in one..
I love this! I can totally relate to the need for chocolate. It's my primary food group ^_^
@poojas yes! Thank you! haha yes it will be! c: @VinMcCarthy mwahahaha
cool :)
I love this!!!!
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